NetVG, Inc. is an, outsourcing services company that was founded for the purpose of providing clients with Integrated Business Solutions. We understand that too often, traditional back office operations such as Billing, Collections, IT and bookkeeping end up consuming a significant amount of Managements time thus taking focus away from the companies core business.

Our goal is to provide clients with the necessary on-demand, resources, skills, expertise and services so that Clients can focus on their companies core business while having complete confidence that the back office operations are being properly managed. In addition, we understand that the back office, is the "lifeblood" of the organization, NetVG maintains a proffesional working enviornment staffed by individuals that understand the business of health care.

In order for any outsourcing relationship to be successful, a solid working relationship is paramount. At NetVG we pride ourselves in our long-term relationships. In fact, NetVG’s current relationships average nearly 5 years with several engagements existing since NetVG’s formation nearly 10 years ago.

NetVG is highly focused and provides services exclusively to clients in the health care industry.